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Certificate of permanent residence in Slovakia on the basis of business

Slovakia is a promising European country with high macroeconomic indicators and a stable internal market. Central location, availability of labor, political and economic stability make it an ideal country to invest in business. Foreign investors can easily open a new company in Slovakia or register as a sole proprietor.

Europass successfully represents the interests of foreign investors and international companies in Slovakia. Our experience allows us to find projects with a low level of risk, stable profits and quick return on investment, as well as to obtain government subsidies of 0-50 (35)%, depending on the region and type of business.

The Slovak government promotes foreign investment in various ways: it pays state financial aid to investment projects and issues residence permits to foreign investors. And for their family members – spouses and children under the age of 18 – there is a right to draw up a PPP under the reunification program.

PPP in Slovakia has a number of advantages:

  • the right to move freely within the EU and the Schengen area;
  • access to opening accounts and saving capital in reliable European banks;
  • free education in educational institutions in Slovakia.
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Slovakia is a high-potential state of Europe with good macroeconomic indicators and a stable domestic market. Its central location, availability of  labor, political and economic stability make it an ideal state to invest in a business. Foreign investors can easily open a new company on the territory of Slovakia or get registered as individual entrepreneurs. 

Our company is successfully representing the interests of foreign investors and international companies in Slovakia. Our experience enables us to find low-risk projects with stable profits and fast return on investment, as well as to obtain 10-50 (35) % of government allowances, depending on a region and a business type.

We guarantee that you will get a residence permit in Slovakia. Otherwise, we will return your money

You can pay for our services in installments

We ensure the support from the first paper till the moment you get a residence permit

We do not engage subcontractors. Our experts will solve any issue you have

To ensure confidence, we are ready to conclude a service contract

We prepare your documents on a turnkey basis and can work remotely. There is no need for you to arrive in Slovakia personally to collect the documents


based on business


The initial stage includes a detailed consultation. We find the best way of cooperation and conclude an agreement. At this stage, you are expected to pay 20% of the price of the service package.


Having received all documents from you, we start preparing further documents required to open a company, including appropriate translation and notarization. At the same time, we prepare documents for submission to the migration police.


After processing papers for opening a company, the process of establishing a company in Slovakia starts. This stage may take up to 4 months. At the same time, the documents are submitted to the migration police. At this stage, you will have to pay the rest 80% of the price of the service package.


The migration police may review your documents for up to 90 days.


The final stage requires your personal presence in Slovakia. This day, you will receive your residence permit card. We accompany you to a medical examination and take out your insurance. The insurance does not depend on the results of the medical examination.


Congratulations! The process is complete.


The Slovak Republic is a fast-growing and progressive state, a member of the EU, the OECD, the WTO, NATO, and the Schengen Agreement. Its economy and GDP remain among the most booming ones in the European zone. Its laws are extremely friendly to foreign investors: tax privileges (for instance, income tax), monetary subsidies, and refunds for providing employment. 


Foreign investors make their choice in favor of Slovakia for many reasons: 

1) well-qualified and cheap workforce: leading country in the region by performance level; 

2) low tax rates for companies and individuals; (is 21% a really low rate ?); 

3) no tax on dividends; (there is a tax on dividends, 7% or 35%); 

4) an advantageous geographic location, offering clear benefits for investors; 

5) a stable infrastructure growth; 

6) favorable terms to run a business; 

7) an opportunity to get residence permits for you and your family; 


Our experience tells us that the sectors with the fastest return on investment are tourism, car industry, production sector, agriculture, transport, services, banking, and insurance.


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Словакия, находящаяся в самом сердце Европы с историей, тесно переплетенной со своими соседями, сумела сохранить свой язык и самобытную культуру. […]

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